What is the Difference Between Gene Therapy and CRISPR

The newly discovered RNA-guided genome editing system known as CRISPR-Cas9 allows efficient and precise targeting of specific genes and offered numerous benefits over the previously used Gene Therapy systems. Gene Therapy Gene Therapy is a system that involves alteration of the DNA or RNA of an organism to facilitate therapeutic uses. It can be used for the treatment or preventative of…
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Cure For Cancer: Can CRISPR Be A Cure Cancer?

CRISPR vs COVID-19: How can Gene Editing Help Beat the Virus

Gene Editing

What is Gene Editing?

What Are the Uses of Gene Editing? The development of genome editing technologies has opened the possibility of targeting and altering the gene sequence of almost all eukaryotic cells. The application of gene editing can be used in various disciplines. Current legislation deems it illegal to edit a genome beyond the 14 days of a developmental embryo. Gene Editing for Disease Treatment…
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Does Gene Editing Work?

How Can Gene Editing Solve Food Allergies