Gene Editing

Gene Editing: How long does it take for Crispr to work?

Current Realities of Gene Editing: Gene editing technologies, specifically CRISPR-Cas9, are intensively progressing in clinical trials, covering all biological sciences from biotechnology to medicine. The clinical uses are limited to ex vivo gene editing and then putting back inpatient. Gene editing is also implacable to those diseases which require cell modification in vivo. Genome…
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Does Gene Editing Work?

How Can Gene Editing Solve Food Allergies


Covid-19 Virus: Could CRISPR be the next virus killer?

With new strains of the Covid-19 virus emerging throughout the world, the human population is in need of an advanced and effective cure– one that would not only kill the virus but also inhibit its spread from person to person. CRISPR is considered a highly versatile gene-editing tool that has completely revolutionized multiple fields of science. It has a diverse range of clinical…
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Cure For Cancer: Can CRISPR Be A Cure Cancer?

CRISPR vs COVID-19: How can Gene Editing Help Beat the Virus